Interior Painting: Tips & Tricks

August 21, 2012 8:49 pm in Interior painting

Expert Advice on Making Your Paint Job Work for You

Give your current home a coat of neutral colors and prospective buyers will be able to get a good picture of how their furniture might look in your home. And you’ll want to give your new home a look that’s distinctively you. So follow these basic steps for a beautifully painted interior. You’ll learn how to prime the walls and use a roller, cover hard-to-reach spots with a wall brush and paint the woodwork.
Step 1: Prime time

Unless the existing finish is flat you’ll need to apply a primer coat to make the new paint adhere. On flat-painted walls that require only minor repairs you may simply choose to spot prime. For walls with larger areas of patching plaster, it’s advisable to use a sealer or primer/sealer. Priming doesn’t require as much care as painting, but it’s done the same way; follow the next three steps, which you’ll repeat with the paint after the primer dries.
Step 2: Ceiling brushwork

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